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Powerful Break up spell

Do you need to break someone’s relationship? Do you want to break boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s relationship? Do you need most powerful spell to break up a couple fast? Then believe me you are at very right place.

I can show you magic of my breakup them up spell within #3 minutes only. YES !!! in #3 minutes. My break up spells that work immediately

Who I am ?

I am one of among you who had gone through love break up hard times in life life. But that was the time when rather than getting disappointed and leaving everything upon destiny, I looked up other part of the Sea and gained mastery in binding spells and tried many spells but you know not everything works for everyone. 

And fortunately my hard work paid for me and Lemon Love Spell showed some rays of hope and tried it 4 times to get it done correctly. 

Now with the grace of God, everything is fine. I have a small and happy family 🙂 😊

So what I want to say is;  Break up couple spells work but you need to do it correctly and that’s what I always guide to all people who approach me.  So consult me right away. I am available. 

I am real and genuine powerful free breakup spell caster. My free breakup spells are very powerful. So what are you waiting for? Need to see real magic in front of your eyes? Then consult me and ask for FREE and Most powerful breakup spell to break up a couple fast.

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Why To Try My Guaranteed Break Up Spells ?

My break up spell with lemon and breakup them up spell chant are very effective, instant and proven over 5700+ people across the world.

And I feel proud to say that 97% of the people have seen results within #3 minutes only. So what are you waiting for? Want to see magical results of breakup them up spell chant? Consult me right away.

What I can Do For You?

Being specialist of most powerful breakup spell chant, I can make every impossible to possible. I can make your every wish come true. I can change your destiny.

I can break any couple within a few minutes only. I am the only one who can give you spell to break up a couple fast. I am the only one who can turn every possible stone for you.

So why are you wasting your money and time when solution is FREE for you. So ask me instant and FREE breakup your girlfriend or boyfriend relationship spell that work fast.

Is your boyfriend or girlfriend in relationship with someone else? Do you want to real spell to make a couple fight and break up? Then you must ask for powerful and simple break up spells that work.

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How To Do Spell For Break Up At Home: Step By Step Guide with Video

So to do powerful break up spell at your you need to do below steps:

1) Gather all required materials.

2) Follow guide exactly I am showing.

3) Do break up spell chant 11 Times.

4) Follow end steps.

Hey there, how are you all? Well today I am going to teach you how to do break up spells with lemon, a very easy but powerful breakup spell that you can perform at your home.

Do you want to break them up and return your lover? Or if you are looking for super powerful and fast breakup spell chant. Then you should watch this video till the end.

You will learn step by step method to perform powerful separation spell with lemon by yourself. So stay tuned….

  • So to perform this very powerful break up spells that work immediately, all you need is one lemon, Knife, a piece of paper and pen. Also I suggest to wear surgical gloves in hand or that’s fine if you are okay without gloves. Two different colors plastic bags so when you separate lemons to you should know which one goes where, also one spoon and bowl.

It depends if you are going to do break up spell with Lemon for yourself or to separate someone else. So when you are going to do something negative you need some chili powder, crushed red pepper, cayenne pepper and you also need to add black pepper which is required to separate couple in a negative way.

  • So now let’s perform this permanent break up spell that work instantly. Write full Name of 1st person on one side of the paper and then right on the opposite side write full name of 2nd person who are in relationship. Like I am showing you in this video.

Now you’re going to tear this paper in half. But symbolically we are tearing people apart. I am Making this tear clean but don’t worry it doesn’t need to be perfect.

  • Put one name on one side and second person’s name on the other side. Now take lemon to perform this permanent break up spells to separate a couple.

Now you can wear your gloves, but again if you don’t have gloves then it’s also fine.


  • Do break up spell chant taking individuals names 11 times that I am sharing in the video description or you can directly ask me for on WhatsApp. I am also sharing my contact number below.

And place two pieces of lemon on each side with names written on paper.

  • Remember everything is symbolic. So you would require salt if you want to break up your own relationship. Add salt. But if you need to break them up then no salt will be added. Just add other spices to fight them up.

Now I am carefully taking our middle pulp and seeds of lemon. I am just scooping it out this hollow part of lemon. So I am picking up the first person’s name paper and putting that paper in hollow portion of lemon. We are considering lemon like container. For now just keep other lemon part aside as we gonna work with this first half of lemon.

  • Now if you want to break your own relationship and don’t want to hurt yourself then add salt to it as salt is a symbol of protection. It will protect you from any harm. But this is optional.

Now to break someone up add 3 black peepers to the lemon. 3 black peepers is for past, present and future to keeping them apart forever.

  • Thereafter add Cayenne pepper and you know cayenne is hot that’s to make them uncomfortable in relationship. It will give them powers to terminate relationship and get out now.

So I am adding little spoon of cayenne pepper on black pepper and hollow lemon. Now it’s time to add red pepper. This is used to make fight in between them. Add small spoon. Add chili powder to get them out right away from each other’s relationship. Now this will gonna to look like.

  • Now chant break up spell chant 11 times. And now place first lemon on black bag. Now take 2nd person name paper and cut out inner part to make it hollow. Take out this pulp and seeds to use it as container.

Now put 2nd paper into the hollow lemon and follow the process like earlier. Put 3 black peepers in hollow Lemon, add cayenne pepper, add chili powder as well.

  • This will make the 2nd person uncomfortable in relationships. Adding all these spices will break their trust. By adding spices we are ensuring separation spell with lemon stronger. This is a permanent break up spell.

And now place second lemon on another bag.

Now put both lemons together if you want both to suffer them along and make miserable. Place it in a plastic bag and tight very carefully.

But if you want to separate them quickly and don’t want to see them together for a single minute then put 2nd person in other color bag and tight carefully.

Now put these both bags under separate trees.

Second Method To Do Break Up Spell:

Extremely Powerful Break up Spell – Free & Easy Break Up Spells

Do you need extremely powerful break up spell? Looking for break up spells that work immediately? Or do you need Indian free breakup spell caster? Then consult me. I shall break them up and return your lover by spell free.

What My Most Powerful Break Up Spells Can Do?

With the help of break up spell chant & spell to make a couple fight and break up, I can ruin their relationship and compel your lover to come back to you.

What Are Break Up Spells That Work Instantly?

Free break up spells that work instantly are the most powerful spells to break any couple within #24 hours. There are many ways to perform these extremely powerful break up spells. I am sharing some of them below.

Read On…..

It is like next to impossible to see a love of your life with someone else. This heart-breaking situation can become a lifetime pain. Thus, you have to do something to get out of this situation and for this, we are here to help you out. Yes! We can help you to figure out how to end a relationship with your partner. So, if your relationship is unrequited, use our powerful break them up and return my lover spell free and get rid of this one-sided love. It is better to leave a person who cannot be completely yours.

When To Seek Help From Free Breakup Spell Caster?

Breakups are miserable we know, we also know that breaking up with a partner is not that easy but there is no reason to be in melancholy at the time. With our spell to make a couple fight and break up, you can get the inner-strength to break up with partner or breaking up someone. Do not let the sadness ruin your entire life and use this spell to break up a couple fast. 

Do Break up Spells Really work? 

Are you thinking of do break up spells really workMy answer is YES !!! break up spell really works. But it depends on person who is performing break a relationship spell. My experience is very good with easy break up spell. My 97% of the cases are successful. I have show results in #3 minutes free break up spell chant. So if you searching for answer of do break up spells really work  then ask me. I shall tell you solution in #60 seconds only. 

1. What is Break up Spell with Lemon & How It is Performed?

Are you searching for lemon spell to break up a couple? Do you need lemon spell to break up a relationship? Wanting super-fast lemon spell to break up a friendship? Then free breakup spell with Lemon is the best suit for you.

Lemon is a very important element when it comes to casting the spells. This is an ultimate tool for the breakup of your girlfriend or boyfriend, end relationship.

Lemon spell to break up a friendship is very effective and help you to achieve the desired outcomes.

Ingredients you need for lemon spell to break up a relationship:

  • One bowl.
  • Lemon.
  • Pen
  • 1 cup of water
  • Paper
  • Pentagram Candle.

How to Cast This Lemon Spell To Break Up A Friendship?

Pour a cup of water in the bowl and set the bowl properly in front of you. Prefer to sit in a dark and silent place. Now, you have to light up the candle to the right side of the bowl. Write a name of a couple following a format – “I wish ___ and ___ would break
on the page and place it on the left side of the bowl.

Now, you have to put the 3 slices of lemon in the water and think about the things about the things you want in your life. After this, place the piece of paper in a bowl slowly until it gets submerged.

After this, you have to blow out the candle and with this your breakup spell to make a couple fight and breakup is complete. You can break any relationship with lemon spell to break up a relationship, but use it only with positive intentions.

This break up spell with lemon is very effective, easy and instant. Lemon spell to break up a couple or Lemon spell to break up a relationship are the one only things. You can try any one of lemon spell to break up a friendship. Consult me for FREE Solution.

 Egg Spell To Break up  A Couple Fast

This powerful Breakup spell includes unsavory items. If you want your best friends to get out of a false relationship, you can use this spell to make a couple fight and break up. This spell is very effective to make a couple break up fast.

  • 1 pot
  • 1 egg from a black hen.

2.Way To Cast Break up Spell Using Egg

Firstly, make sure that you get the egg only from the black hen otherwise the spell will not work for you. We are sorry to say but you have to boil this egg in your own urine, you can use the gloves during this. Throw the bowl after completing this process. Give one-half egg to the black dog to eat and while doing so you have to chant a breakup them up spell chant “As dogs hate cats, so will [man’s name] hate [woman’s name].” Feed the left part of the egg to the black cat. Now, reverse this chant- “As cats hate dogs, so will [woman’s name] hate [man’s name].” your Egg spell to break up a couple fast is complete.

So this is how you can perform egg spell to break up a couple or break up spell using egg. So what are you waiting for? Ask instant solution right away.

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3. Candle Spell To Break up A Couple

Are you looking for candle spell to break up a couple? Want powerful break up candle spell? Candle spell to break up a couple is very effective and have no side-effects. So, end all the heated arguments between you and your partner using this break up spell chant. This spell works well for those couples who do not get hurt or damage in love. Ask my most powerful easy break up spells right away. 

Ingredients To Break up Candle Spell Chant

    • Black candle
    • Paper
    • Garlic oil

Way to cast this powerful separation spells ( break up candle spell) 

First of all, you need to light up a black candle. Now, stare into the flames coming from a candle and take a deep breath. Prepare yourself strong to cast this break up candle spell.

Once you are prepared, write the name of you and your partner or couple you want to separate on the paper. Put the three drops of a garlic oil on the names written. Now, you have to add the one teaspoon of salt and one teaspoon of cayenne pepper on the top. Take the black candle in your right hand and close your eye.

You have to open your heart as well as mind to the universe to make your wishes comes true. Send out your message to the universe with of all the energy you have. 

Drop a wax on the paper, salt, oil, and pepper. Create a mixture of all and while you are creating a mixture, keep your focus and desire for the couple you want to achieve while performing the spell to break up a couple fast

Once the entire mixture and paper get completely covered in the wax, blow out the candle.

Now, chant this powerful breakup spell “So transfer my will / my spell has been heard / as I will / so might it be.”

Ball up the paper with a mixture and the wax inside and bury it somewhere in the ground. You can throw the ball in some river or any other type of water body.

You can also burn the paper and let the winder carry away the ashes. Complete this powerful breakup spell on the next full night by burning the left candle. Let the candle melt itself completely and once you are done, you will able to see the powerful results of this break up spell chant.

Important – Do not use the Powerful breakup spells for a wrong purpose. It is better to take an advice from baba, guru or tantric before casting easy break up spells.

When you perform spell to break up a marriage properly, it definitely works for you but it is necessary to follow the right procedure to get the desired outcomes.

Free Online Break up Spells

Free online break up spells to break a relationship or marriage. are the most powerful breakup spells that work immediately. Thus, always consult an expert first. Spell to break up two friends requires a special knowledge as the magic you are going to perform not only change the life of a single person but the two individuals. The above-discussed spells are very effective for a couple to break up. Read out the given powerful breakup spells and choose the one as per your preference. I shall guide you break up spells that work immediately. I call my spells extremely powerful break up spell. Ask me right away. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is extremely powerful break up spell. Can you guide me easy break up spell chant?

Extremely powerful break up spell are fast break up candle spell that works in #3 to 24 hours only. My break up spell worked over 5700+ people in this year only.

  • How can I find genuine and free breakup spell caster? I need spell to make a couple fight and break up.

If you are in need of genuine, real and free breakup spell caster then I am here for you. My egg spell to break up a couple are super fast spell to break up two friends.

  • I need free spell to break up a marriage. My boyfriend is getting married with someone else. Please guide me spell to break two people up.

Yes, I can guide you most powerful spell to break up a marriage. This is my secret spell to break two people up. Ask me for fast break up spells.

  • What is egg spell to break up a couple? Is this as effective as powerful separation spells?

Egg spell to break up a couple is super fast spell to separate a couple. This is guaranteed break up spells. Yes this is as effective as most powerful separation spells that worked.

  • How to make a couple break up spell? Please guide me easy and free spell to break someone up.

If you would like to know most easiest way of how to make a couple break up spell. This is free spell to break someone up. People call it break a relationship spell.

  • Are you expert of spell to break up a couple? I need break a relationship spell that work instantly?

Yes, I am specialist of break a relationship spell. I can guide you spell to break up a couple.

  • Do break up spells work? I need to guaranteed break up spells.

If this is your query “Do break up spells work” then yes, free break up spells works immediately. I assure you guaranteed break up spells.

  • I need to break them up spell. How can I do that? can you give me extremely powerful spells to break up a relationship?

Yes, I can guide you spells to break up a relationship. You can break them up by spell easily.

  • How can I get free online break up spells?

Do you need free online break up spells then ask me right away. I shall guide you most powerful free online break up spells to break up any relationship.

  • How can I perform spell to make a couple fight and break up?

You can perform spell to make a couple fight and break up at home with egg spell and lemon spells. I have shared some most effective separation spells at your home too.

  • Can I break up a friendship by spell?

Yes, you can break up any relationship, marriage or friendship by spell. My are guaranteed breakup spells. Egg spell to break up a couple and lemon spell to break up a relationship are some of my proven spells over 5700+ people.

  • How do I break them up and return my lover spell free?

If you are looking to break them up and return my lover spell free then easy break up spells chant are most appropriate for you. Follow above shared methods and ask for more details about most powerful separation spell.

  • I need most powerful break up spells that really work. Can you help me?

Yes, I can help you with break up spells that really work within #3 minutes only. Consult for more details.


Can you really do a free break up spell for me? I have a couple who used to be friends of mine and they have been ruining my relationship because of their own misery and I am tired of them.

Yes, I can perform break them up and return your lover spell. This spell is very powerful and bring quick results.

I need a beak up spell for my ex boyfriend and his wife.They got married in October and I need to break them up fast. Is this possible?

Yes, this is of course possible. There are some certain spells that you can perform at your home too and break someone up.